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About Me???

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     Blogging is something I’ve never done.  When one is sixty-some years old computers are just something you’re forced to use and never necessarily master.

I’ve done my research on blogging and read countless articles on the importance of the “About Me” section.  So, how can anyone sum that up in a nutshell?

I’m a woman, mother of three, married to the same man for thirty-three years.  When I put that in writing it definitely sounded a little drab. I could say I have an extreme fascination with the fiber arts  and not only a desire to teach and craft with fiber but to actually raise the animals and produce my own wool.  I could include that I have developed “Angora Jane LLC”, a reasonably successful spinning wheel, fiber and accessories company.  However, that still didn’t sound like something interesting enough to blog about.

Finally, after all these years I have something to say.  After 45  plus years working as everything from a waitress in a local diner to an administration assistant for the rodeo association, I have something to say.  I’ve been a nurse’s aid at a hospital, a bus driver for public schools and other jobs I’ve long forgotten.  At least 35 of those years were spent in the real estate mortgage industry and I feel I can truthfully say I know as much or more about the real estate and mortgage industry  in Oklahoma as anyone else.

However, none of that matters anymore.  In October of 2015 I will be officially retired.  A segment of my life is completed.  Take this job and shove it, I ain’t workin’ there no more.

I can now plunge into Angora Jane Spinning Wheels and Fiber without the annoying hindrance of having to earn a living at a real job.  I can schedule my days before the dreaded five o’clock traffic and sleep in on Monday after working an out of state fiber festival.

It’s not like I haven’t been planning and counting down the days for the last ten years, and I’m confident I have a good plan.  The test will be to see if the plan works and the true dynamics of actually living without a paycheck.

I don’t want to commit to a time frame in blogging.  That sounds too much like a real job.  I’m hoping for, at least a couple of times a month and more if things get exciting.

Perhaps someone can benefit from my life’s experience or learn from my future mistakes.  Come with me into the life of the retired  and the world of blessed serenity as I pursue my dreams and hope it all fits into my budget.

The “About Me” section may have to wait awhile.  I’ve never retired before so I really can’t tell you about me until I find out how I am.