“It really wouldn’t be fair for me

to take all the credit when it took 

so many.  

Here’s an “honorable

mention” for some of the staff

that helped make it all possible”


Buddy is no longer with us.  Like many others Buddy was born on our property and spent his entire life in the faithful service of producing mohair and babies.

He was an extraordinarily handsome and gentle baby, himself  and was chosen to be  of the right nature, wool quality, and appearance we feel are good traits for the flock.  Although he met all of our expectations as the flock leader, age and some minor dental problems took it’s toll on his appearance and his career appeared to be at an end.

As fate would have it a local news anchor saw this picture and thought his comical smile was worth sharing with the television audience.  

Buddy became an overnight sensation being featured in a contest for best caption and several  appearances on TV.

Buddy could have never competed in a beauty contest but his nature and gentle disposition made him a star that was honored at the closing of a local TV show with his picture and the words “Rest in peace, Buddy, We’ll miss you.”  

 Life on the hill begins on spindly legs for most.  Some have good mothers that protect them and some have to have a little bottle help.  

and some are just left in a squirming heap of fur. 

Some always seem to be on the wrong side of the fence.

while some always seem to come out on top.

Some spend time with friends

Some spend time alone

but at the end of the day only one thing matters...

How high did you reach?


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