Head ‘Em Up

When I was a very small girl, very small mind you, there was a popular Western TV show called “Raw Hide.”  Clint Eastwood was just getting started  as “Rowdy” and Eric Flemming was the trail boss named “Favor.”  City people and cowboys alike were glued to the screen when “Raw Hide” came on.  But; before Favor could yell “move ’em out,  they had to head ’em up.

Friday is the Diamond State Fiber Festival in Greenwood, Arkansas.  I now see a part of being a retiree that I may have overlooked.  I’m taking 2 forty gallon containers of some really nice Ashford and Ashland Bay roving, 2 tubs of tie-dye roving, a large tub of spinning supplies for the students, and a box of “new heart felt” silk felting tools.  Of course, I need folding chairs,my six foot table, a box of accessories, table cloths, banners, money box and 8 heavy-duty steel display racks that seem to get heavier every year.

This will be topped off with 5 spinning wheels.  I understand there are 7 students enrolled for Saturday’s spinning class  but, thankfully, 2 of them have their own wheels.


All of this must be “headed up” before anything will be “movin’ out” which I hope to accomplish by noon on Thursday.  I can very easily get side tracked while traveling, especially in Arkansas, and I want to allow plenty of time to follow the road less traveled if I choose to do so.

Thursday night we unload and we are scheduled to set up the booth around 8:00 Friday morning which means “Head ’em up”one more time.  I’m just glad we don’t need a tent.

I’m really excited to be a part of the 3rd annual Diamond State Fiber Festival.  The founders Lori and Stan Brown not only produce some gorgeous fleeces at the Diamond B Sheep Farm but their contributions to education and informative demonstrations for the fiber world are priceless.

Sunday we plan to “head ’em up and move ’em out” for Tulsa.  I’m hoping I’ll have moving help at the house.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I did, indeed, retire today.  We had a luncheon, cake and every thing one would expect except the traditional gold watch I really wouldn’t want anyway.

It was pleasant, but maybe a bit un-climatic.  I may have to get back to that after I’ve had some time to digest it.  Right now, it’s time to  Move ’em out to a new life.

#1.   I like to load the hardware and bulky storage containers first.

#2  Spinning wheels always get priority on the top layer.

#3  I use the soft items and baskets like packing to hold it all together

#4.  …And it all fits.

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