Angora Jane scheduled for East Texas Fiber Festival

 East Texas Fiber Festival in Lindale, Texas/

Angora Jane


Nov. 7th Angora Jane plans to venture into the fiber world South of the border.  That is, South of the Oklahoma border.  We’re excited about being part of the East Texas Fiber Festival in Lindale, Tx. at the Pickers Pavilion in Blackberry Square.

Lindale, Texas was originally inhabited by the Cado Indians, many of whom have now taking up residence here in Oklahoma.  Pioneer settlements began to pop up in the area by 1836.

A wealthy Confederate officer returned to his plantation around Hideaway Lake to resume farming shortly after the Civil War.  By 1870 he realized that the big money was in the logistics of his farm produce.  Canning became a way to preserve his product and his influence convinced the railroad to bring in  the rails to provide a means of distribution.

His family got into the act recognizing the need for a general store to provide for the farm labor and fruit pickers.  In no time at all Lindall, Texas became a thriving community.  The canning industry and prevalent blackberry crops gave Lindale, Texas the status of “blackberry capital” by 1950.

As times changed the City Of Lindale found themselves the proud owners  of a large red brick canning storage  facility and several other buildings that had outlived their originally purpose.  In an effort to reclaim the structure’s usefulness they developed the property into the now completed “Blackberry Square.”   The red brick building was appropriately  christened “Pickers Pavilion” and set aside for community use.

Pickers Pavilion in Lindale, Tx.  will be hosting The East Texas Fiber Festival Saturday Nov. 7th, 2015.  This is an opportunity for Angora Jane Spinning Wheels And Fibers  to venture into the fiber world of the Great State of Texas.

The area boasts of being the home of the only California Red Sheep breeder in Texas and we’re anxious to see their wares, as well as introduce them to some of the fine products of Angora Jane LLC.   We’re hoping that The East Texas Fiber Festival will be on the agenda of Angora Jane LLC  for years to come so we can continue supplying  a wide variety of quality fiber and equipment to our customers.


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