Quality Roving

    Here’s something you’ll like !

Looking for a little “shine”

Try a blend of  silk and quality merino wool 

for a beautiful marble affect.

caption="Saffron Merino Silk Blend [/caption]method="post">

Black Current Merino-Silk Blend

Sold out at this time

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Poppy Seed Merino-Silk Blend


How about no blend, no nonsense straight color?

Of course we have that too.

"Pansy" href="http://angorajanespinningwheelsandfibers.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/HPIM1720.jpg">MS Pansy
MS Yellow

M S "Yellow" 1 oz for $3.00

href="http://angorajanespinningwheelsandfibers.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/HPIM1716.jpg">MS Mengenta[/caption]

MS "Berry' 1 oz for $3.00

MS "Raspberry" 1 oz for $3.00

MS "apricot" 1 oz for $3.00

MS "Teal" 1 oz for $3.00

MS "Red" 1oz for $3.00
















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