The “Country Spinner”

           It was never intended to 

              win a beauty contest

   but when there’s work to be done

           the Country Spinner

       is ready to rock and roll




When the delicate, ultra fine yarns just won’t do for that special project it’s time to bring in the big guns.  

The Country Spinner makes it’s stand on four solid, sturdy  legs that support a hugh bobbin ready to take on the thickest, chunky, bulky yarns that other spinning wheels can’t even attempt.  

The standard double treadle makes quick work of just about any fiber you want to throw at it.

Great for plying several yarns together or just pumping out that magnificently textured yarn that so many have come to love.

From the warmest sweaters, to the softest blankets to the toughest rugs the Country Spinner is ready to work for you.

The Country Spinner only comes one way and nobody tells it different!

Big, Tough, and Unfinished  $740.00

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