The “Elizabeth” Spinning Wheel

“The Elizabeth”

It may not spin straw into gold

but one would be hard

pressed to find a wheel

  that looked more like the fairy-

                               tale version than“The Elizabeth.”

The Elizabeth is a serious machine for the no-nonsense spinner.  

Large 24′ beautifully crafted wheel easily turns on high quality steel

ball bearings for almost effortless spinning.

The ingenius horzontal adjustable maiden bar makes it a snap to

accurately adjust to any one of three whorls you desire while

clamping  securly to the base to eliminate vibration.  

Numerous accessories can be easily added for optional high-speed

drive, quill spindles or double treadle allowing the Elizabeth to adapt

to any situation.

This is a Cadillac of spinning wheels and arguably  one of the most


A  wise choice for the Spinner that deserves and demands

the best.



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