The “Joy” Spinning Wheel

The Ashford "Joy"

No, the Joy is not the spinning

wheel your grandmother

remembers but it’s a

perfect example that there’s

more than one way to get the

job done. 

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The manufacturer of the Joy promote the wheel as “The solution to portable spinning.”   We at Angora Jane are astounded by their modesty. 

The Joy is a magnificent specium of simplicity in machinery.  How could anyone overlook the fact that in it’s closed position the entire wheel and frame are less than 5′ thick!

With one simple flip of a latch the base and complete treadle assembly fold down and lock in place transforming this light weight, slim package into a fully functional spinning wheel.  Add a jumbo flyer from a side pocket in the carrying case and you’re ready to compete with the best.

No, this is not your typical spinning wheel and it may appear that some of it’s parts are in different places than you think they should be but the Joy will prove time and time again that it defiantly has it all together.  

The Joy comes with a sliding hook flyer,  fully lacquered, folding and portable.

Single treadle  $760.00

Double treadle  $790.00

Sturdy canvass carry bag  (Black & tan)…………………….$110.00

Combo deal single treadle with carry bag…………………$830.00

Combo deal double treadle with carry bag……………….$860.00

Joy freedom flyer (Jumbo)……..$138.00

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