The “Kiwi” Spinning Wheel

The Ashford “Kiwi”

The Kiwi has earned

Angora Jane’s official

recommendation for

beginning spinners.

Easy to start, easy to stop with two wide comfortable treadles. Great

for those who haven’t quite developed a perfect rhythm or knack for

maintaining the same direction.

The medium density fiberboard wheel not only lowers the cost but

has been highly praised  for it’s ability to resist warping, remaining

straight and true for years of service.   Steel ball bearings enhance  the

high quality of performance and though a good starter wheel it

should never be under estimated.

As your skills develop the Kiwi  is easily updated.  The high speed

whorl adapter kit allows you to compete with any of the ultra fine

yarn spinners while the jumbo flyer kit produces the thick,

chunky novelty yarns  that many knitters and weavers love.

What could be better?

The good folks at Ashford will include a Kiwi lazy kate and 3 bobbins

with your purchase.


Unfinished  $450.00

Lacquered  $590.00

Sliding hook flyer  $125.00 

Jumbo lacquered  $210.00

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