The “Traditional” spinning wheel

The “Traditional” by Ashford

Sturdy construction and

beautiful design have destined

“The  Traditional” to become an

heirloom that can be in your

family’s home for generations to



The traditional has been a favorite to many for more than just ease of spinning. The wheel is supported by tapered spokes and rides on top of two gracefully curved legs.  A wide brace securing the legs just below the wheel gives sturdy support just where it is needed.  

An extra wide treadle allows for smooth, comfortable strokes that easily turn the wheel made of New Zealand’s finest silver beech.  This wood can take a varity of stains from the darkest ebony to the lightest oak or maple exposing a beautiful even wood grain.

The Traditional is a classically designed spinning wheel that spins well and looks great in any home and is one of the few models that comes in a left-handed version.

But wait!…There’s more

Ashford will throw in 4 bobbins, a vertical lazy kate and a spinning instruction book just to make the deal better. 

Single drive unfinished  $615.00

Double drive unfinished  $650.00


Double drive lacquered  $785.00

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