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November 2015

East Texas Fiber Festival in Lindale, Texas

Angora Jane LLC

Nov. 7th Angora Jane plans to venture into the fiber world South of the border.  That is, South of the Oklahoma border.  We’re excited about being part of the East Texas Fiber Festival in Lindale, Tx. at the Pickers Pavilion in Blackberry Square.

Lindale, Texas was originally inhabited by the Cado Indians, many whom have now taken up residence here in Oklahoma.  Pioneer settlements began to pop up in the area as early as 1836.

A wealthy Confederate officer returned to his plantation around Hideaway Lake to resume farming shortly after the Civil War.  By 1870 he realized that the big money was in the logistics of his farm produce.  Canning became a way to preserve the product and his influence convinced the railroad to bring in  the rails to provide a means of distribution.

Relatives also got into the act recognizing the need for a general store to provide supplies for the farm labor and fruit pickers.  In no time at all Lindall, Texas became a thriving community.  The canning industry and prevalent blackberry crops gave Lindale, Texas the status of “blackberry capital” by 1950.

As times changed the City Of Lindale found themselves the proud owners  of a large red brick canning storage  facility and several other buildings that had out-lived their originally purpose.  In an effort to reclaim the structures’ usefulness they developed the property into the now completed “Blackberry Square.”   The red brick building was appropriately  christened “Pickers Pavilion” and set aside for community use.

Pickers Pavilion in Lindale, Tx.  will be housing The East Texas Fiber Festival Saturday Nov. 7th, 2015.  This is an opportunity for Angora Jane Spinning Wheels And Fibers  to venture into the fiber world of the Great State of Texas.

The area boasts of being the home of the only California Red Sheep breeder in Texas and we’re anxious to see their wares, as well as introduce them to some of the fine products of Angora Jane LLC.   We’re hoping that The East Texas Fiber Festival will be on the agenda of Angora Jane LLC  for years to come so we can continue supplying  a wide variety of quality fiber and equipment to our customers.

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Angora Jane at The Aycock House

This is an event you won’t want to miss Saturday November 21st.

Visit us in a historic Tulsa home and pick up some great deals for Christmas

invitation 2015 copy

Oct. 24th, 2015

PRINTABLE Day Dreamers Advertisemet

Sat.  Oct 3rd.  12: pm – 2:00 pm

 Angora Jane Beginning Spinning Class

Diamond B Fiber Festival

Sebastian County Fairgrounds

Greenville, Arkansas

The class will be $40.00 for students that bring their own spinning wheel.  Spinning wheels will be available for a $10.00 rental fee for those just taking a test drive or simply don’t want the hassle of transporting their own wheel.

The class fee will include various kinds of fiber at no additional expense  for a complete learning experience.

 Angora Jane LLC takes great pride in the success of  it’s many past students and it is our greatest intent that everyone leave  with yarn created by their own hands and the  knowledge to continue the endeavor.

“Spinning”  has been attributed to re-leaving stress, lowering blood pressure and improving concentration and may be considered addictive.

Class size, as always, will be limited to assure each student receives adequate attention.

Sept 26, 2015                    


Day Dreamer Essential’s And Flower Shope presents a “Make And Take” for absolutely free.

Jane Deason of Angora Jane will will be demonstrating some basic felting techniques for making Christmas ornaments.

This is the perfect opportunity to experience the creative art of felting with no investment other than your time.

 All material and tools will be provided. Although the session is free the space is limited so, please, reserve your spot in advance. 

Day Dreamer Essentials And Flower Shope

114 E. Dewey Ave

Sapulpa, Okla.


Please, no children under 10.


June 6th, 2015

Get Stitchin’ at 6011 S. Sheridan has scheduled another beginning spinning class with Angora Jane LLC  on Saturday, June 6th, from 11:00 until 1:00pm.  Don’t forget the “FIBER CIRCLE” scheduled for 3  more hours after class that everyone seems to enjoy.  Bring your latest project and share some tips or just show off your talent.

Last spinning class graduates did great and all went home with their own hand-spun yarn.  If you are one of the many people that tell us you’ve tried before but just can’t seem to learn to spin stop blaming yourself.  

Perhaps it was your teacher! 

Angora Jane has been helping the world spin for over twenty years.

 Come see what makes the difference. 

Get Stitchin is a member of  The Knitting Guild Association.  If you haven’t been to their store, now would be the perfect time.  Hope to see you there. 

May 2nd 2015


April 19, 2015 


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just spin your own.

Beginning Spinning Class has been scheduled for Sunday,  March 22nd, 2015 at 2:00 PM.  

The class will be $35.00 for students that bring their own spinning wheel.  Spinning wheels will be available for a $10.00 rental fee for those just taking a test drive or simply don’t want the hassle of transporting their own wheel.

The class fee will include various kinds of fiber at no additional expense  for a complete learning experience.

 Angora Jane LLC takes great pride in the success of  it’s many past students and it is our greatest intent that everyone leave  with yarn created by their own hands and the  knowledge to continue the endeavor.

“Spinning”  has been attributed to re-leaving stress, lowering blood pressure and improving concentration and may be considered addictive.

Class size, as always, will be limited to assure each student receives adequate attention.  Therefore,  a second class has been scheduled for Sunday, April 19th, 2015

  Contact Jane Deason at or phone 918-779-2155  for information or upcoming class schedules.


Nov. 8th, 2014

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just spin your own?

Beginning Spinning Class Sat. Nov. 8th 2:00pm


2810 E. 15th St

Tulsa, Okla.

All supplies will be provided for class, wheel rental is available, unfortunately space will be limited

Contact Owl & Drum at  918-742-1404


Angora Jane at for information or upcoming classes.

Angora Jane has been helping the world spin for over 20 years

Angora Jane LLC


July 22, 2013

It's that time again...

Yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full.

It’s time, once more,  for Christmas In July 2013.   While getting inventory ready I stumbled across these bits and pieces of some really fine fiber.  Don’t know if this was from the original black sheep or not  but you can mix it, match it or divide it up any way you want.   I have 3 tubs of remnants first come, first serve.  come see me at

2013 Christmas in July

Creek County Fairgrounds

17808 W. HW66

Kellyville, Okla.

May 17th, 18th, 19th

Blue Dome Festival 2013  Tulsa, Okla.

Who would have thought that back in 1924 a gas station would be the icon of  an event in 2013.

Serving the roaring twenty’s automobiles 24 hours a day it was necessary to have living quarters for the attendant upstairs.  Although the White Star Gulf Oil Station may be forgotten the architectural style is apparently one of Tulsa’s favorite historic sites.

Last year started out with instant wind  (see archives Blue Dome May 12th,  2012)  but though cloudy Friday morning, this year seemed promising.  Our location was good and the “Caney River Boys” showed up to entertain the shoppers.  With the economy’s improvement the people were out in force. Although the lighting was getting dim in the later hours the crowds kept coming  and the beer from the local bars kept flowing and, of course, we stayed to accommodate them.

  Saturday was just as good but started earlier and went later.  The day ended with some conflicting opinions about a storm and knowing the downtown winds that occur I elected to pull up stakes until morning. 


Sunday morning was a bit depressing for some of those who decided to stay.  It was by no means a complete disaster but seemed to hit and miss at random.  2 Blocks North of our tent seemed to catch the most damage and many of the unfortunate cast the skeletal remnants of their tents aside and gave up.

Although it was a little hectic setting up again I was glad to have every thing in tact.  Weather reports indicated a high to moderate risk of sever storms after 5:00 pm and this time even the officials took the warning seriously and suggested shutting down by 4:00.

 That seemed to set off a buying frenzy, which of course we hated, so even though The 2013 Blue Dome Festival ended early we did pretty good.  I defiantly hope to be back next year.   Many thanks to all those who came out to show their support.  Hope to see you at Guthrie Green Sunday June 9th.       


Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Last Sunday I decided I had enough of winter and it was high time to get back out on the street. (so to speak) I’ve been hearing good things about Guthrie Green in downtown Tulsa and thought I’d give it a try.

Set up shop just off the corner of Boston and Brady on a beautiful morning.  Strange to think we were in a major business district of yesteryear with  the Bank Of Okla. towering over the area as a reminder of where we are today.

Great set up with “kid friendly” creek beds and fountains and open areas bordering sidewalk areas with plenty of room to pitch your tent.  No skate boards but dogs are encouraged.  If your concerned with an abundance of dogs on large grassy area where people sit you need not worry.  They even supply free poop bags.  Complete with instructions and the place is really clean.

Had a good day.  It was nice to be out in the public again.  Decided to try it out again today.

Sunday, May 5th 2013  Set up on the same lot on a very unseasonably cold, rainy, crummy day.  Fortunately we had brought the sides for the tent and put them on.  Watched quite a few other people using tarps or plastic as a wind breaks but didn’t seem to do them much good.  The band set up on stage wearing parkas and the drummers fingers were turning blue.

All of this suddenly created a happy accident.  It was warm in our tent because we had sides and people felt comfortable.  Several of them had not prepared for the cold and I had a table full of stocking hats I had made over winter just to keep from going insane.  Hats and cold people.  Good combination.  I guess it’s possible other people were attracted by the crowd and stopped to see what everyone was looking at.

Before you know it people were actually lined up to get in my tent.  I talked to a lot of people about spinning and lost track of how many kids got a chance to spin.  Ashford’s new 8′  sample loom was a big hit and I’ll be ordering more.  Hand dyed roving did well and I ran completely out of “Thick n Thin yarn.

Stuff like this makes it seem all worth while.  I’ll defiantly be hanging out at Guthrie Green more often this summer. Hope to see you there.  You’ll enjoy it.

Thursday Oct. 18th 2012

Okay, so it rained a little at the Michelle White Workshop.  Truthfully,  it rained a lot and there was some talk of tornadoes.  Then,  there was the loss of electricity, and high winds but fortunately we were all safe.  There were some who were unable to attend and there was no doubt their cancellation was weather related but as usual with these events,  there are those who persevere .  We also discovered a new clothing store before class which some felt made the entire storm worthwhile as it allowed us time to shop  and after class we had more  time to shop with Mary Curtis at the Red Buffalo.

Keep in mind part of the felting class was conducted in the dark but it was still conducted and there were several that seemed to catch on pretty quick.

The Elgin Jamboree was salvaged by moving indoors and though I missed the outdoor atmosphere it was an excellent show.

We were fortunate to shelter the storm at the Stagecoach Ranch owned and operated by Lynn and Rita Pipher.  The Stagecoach Ranch is just  outside the metropolis  of Elgin, Kansas.  Elgin was a thriving community at the turn of the century, proclaimed the largest cattle shipping town in the world.  Even as the cattle business declined oil production kept the town alive and it was rumored Elgin was frequented by numorous outlaws such as Bob Dalton and Bill Doolin. Everything seems to change.

That evening something unusual happened.  It stopped raining.  And suddenly you realize that you can even have a little fun during the storms of life.  So here we are somewhere on one side of the rainbow or the other…

And it turned out to be a pretty good day.

Monday Sept. 10th, 2012

Claremore Bluegrass And Chili Festival 2012

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Claremore  always does a  good job with the annual Bluegrass And Chili Festival.  Very well organized and lots of room. They even had a small army of young volunteers helping transport inventory back and forth to our vehicles.  

“Birthday Extravaganza” was mentioned by a few customers and discounts on fiber were received. Thanks to those who remembered.  

I took a boat load of hand-dyed yarn in anticipation of meeting a group of very talented  knitters rumored to be seen on East Will Rogers Blvd. at the Unwind Knitting Shop.  There certainly were a lot of knitters but felting fans  seemed to be out in force.  Somewhere in Rogers County there’s a whole lot of felting going on.  Fortunately I had enough roving to suffice and they loved the colors so everyone went home happy.

What a fantastic week-end. 


Sunday Aug 12, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza

A spin-in has been scheduled at Lowder Color Farms on Sunday Aug 19th,  2012 to celebrate Kate Lowder’s birthday.    In Kate’s honor all fiber will be 10% off.

On Sept 6th, 7th and 8th Lowder Color Farms and Angora Jane are teaming up for the Claremore Bluegrass Festival and also celebrating Jane’s birthday. We will be inside the Expo Building and offering 10% off all fiber for anyone mentioning either one of our birthdays.  At our age we look for all the recognition we can get.



Friday Sept. 6th, 2012

Claremore Bluegrass And Chili Festival

We loaded up last night so we could get an early start to the

 Claremore Bluegrass And Chili Festival.  It is my birthday so don’t forget the  “Birthday Extravaganza” discount offer on fiber sales.  If you are looking for yarn this is probably the largest inventory of hand-dyed yarn we have ever offered.

The festival will be great family fun featuring musicians like Marty Stewart, Ricky Skaggs, Quicksilver and a host of  other entertainment.  Hope to see you there.


Tuesday July  31st, 2012

Fiber Christmas In July 2012


The 6th annual Christmas In July has concluded.  Some of you may not realize the scope of this feat.  Congratulations to Kate Lowder of Lowder Color Farms for her tremondous hardwork and success with the festival.

We started off promoting our “White Tub Sale (while supplys last)”  which really wasn’t very long.  Apparently some ambitious shoppers pounced on the deal.

Our new line of Ashland Bay products was well received.  We will  be replacing the sold inventory and adding some more colors to increase your choices.

Beginning spinning class filled up so fast a second class had to be scheduled.  All in all we had twelve conversions to the spinning world.   One man not only signed up for the class he built his own spinning wheel to learn on. It’s amazing how talented people can be.

I was excited to have my 7 year old granddaughter Sierra get in on the spinning act.  We also  had Elitza,  granddaughter of another vendor, celebrating her twelfth birthday at Fiber Christmas  that can now spin with the best of them.  Rest assured there are generations out there to carry on.

I had a great conversation with Michell White from California who now resides in the Bristow area.  Michell Knows just about everything there is to know about felting and is planning a felting workshop at the Stagecoach Ranch in Kansas.  This will be a class you won’t want to miss.  We’ll keep you informed.

The Cancer Hat Drive produced 45 splendid entries with one generous person excluding their self from the competition on the grounds it was a worthy enough cause by itself.  Thanks to all who contributed their time and energy.  It is greatly appreciated by more than you probably know.

Fiber Christmas Cancer Hat Drive Winning Entries

Fancy &  Floral……………………………Nancy Gould

Elegant & Classic Chic……………………Ruby Greene

Kreative Kids ……………………………….Ann Wayland

Whimsical ……………………………………Rori Adams

Friday night turned out to be a blast.  For those of us from out of town that found ourselves temporarily homeless it was like a giant slumber party.  The Caney River Boys and Oklahoma Mike got together and gave us quite a Bluegrass Concert.  Apparently they “showed” a vendor from Missouri a good enough time they vowed to return next year, if  for nothing else, just the music.

The music was good… but there was far more to the 2012 Fiber Christmas In July than just music.  I think just about every facet of  fiber arts was well represented.

After all these years I finally even found my self.

See you next year


Monday July 16th 2011


White Tub Sale???

White Tub Special (dyed) - $2 oz. while supplies last

White Tub Special (natural) - $1 oz While Supplies Last

Even though “Christmas In July” is just around the corner it’s just far too early to be dreaming of a white Christmas.  BUT… it’s never too early to be dreaming of a white sale or in this case a “White Tub Sale”

It appears that with our new Ashland Bay products comming in we’ve ran out of storage room and there is no better way to make space than to pass the savings on to you.  We’ve filled a couple of tubs with quality roving in a variety of fibers and call it “The White Tub Sale”

Any dyed fiber in the designated white tub is yours for only $2.00 an oz. and any natural color in the designated tub  for $1.00 an oz while supplies last.


Tues. July 17th, 2012

Mojave (multi-colored merino)

Hollyberry (multi-colored merino)

MS Pansy

MS "Pansy" $3.00 for 1 oz

MS Tangerine

M S "Tangerine" $3.00 for 1oz


So, you think Christmas in 100 degree weather is insane?  Wait until you see some of the crazy deals and prices we’re bringing to “Fiber Christmas” this year.  This is your chance to run your fingers through some of  our new Ashland Bay roving or check out some of our  crazy new Ashford colors.

And if your as crazy about fiber as we are pick up your “Fiber Insane With Angora Jane Souvenir T- shirts and Tea cups. (Yes, they hold coffee too)

Fiber Insane With Angora Jane Souvenir T-Shirt

Fiber Insane With Angora Jane Souvenir Tea Cup

At Angora Jane we do the same things over and over except we get different results.


Just in case there’s someone out there that doesn’t know

Louder Colours Farms

6th Annual Fiber Christmas In July

Creek County Fairgrounds

17808 W. Hwy 66 

Between Kellyville and Sapulpa on Rt 66

Fri. July 27th  4pm to 8 pm

Sat. July 28th 8am to 8pm





Friday June 29th, 2012

I know these Tulsapeople!!!

During the Blue Dome Festival in Tulsa I was fortunate to become aquainted with Kelli Brown-Groblewski and Gary Groblewski. 
   It’s refreshing to see the fantastic new ideas people can come up with.
Here we have a unique combination of items that have been a staple to mankind since… almost forever.
 Historical evidence indicates people were making animal fiber products over 7,000 years ago.  They were making beer 6,000 years ago and trying to clean up their act with soap by 2800 BC.
Then along comes Kelli and Gary and put it all together.
When people ask why we still spin, weave, knit, make soap or in fact anything the “old fashioned way”, it may not be that old fashioned.
     Perhaps it’s just our personal contribution to the continuous evolution of crafts still making new discovery’s after thousands of years.

View Story

Tues. June 19, 2012 


In an effort to assure Angora Jane customers with an unlimited varity of spinning, weaving knitting and fiber products we are proud to announce our coalition with Ashland Bay.  

Ashland Bay is a premier fiber wholesaler with the largest selection of  high quality dyed fibers, ecru fibers,  and yarn from around the world in North America.

We know you’ll be impressed with the selection of 175 hues of beautifully dyed fibers from their rich Earth tones to their incredable luminous colors and various blends of fiber.  We think you’ll be amazed with the quality and brilliance of their silks and bamboo that have been described by spinners as simply “fun” to spin.

For the ecru enthusiasts check out their selection of  natural colors.  Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of cashmere, merino, or even yak just as nature intended it to be.

If you’re looking for yarn there’s no doubt you’ll love the worsted weight treasure you’ll find at Ashland Bay.  Made from the careful selection of the longest fibers meticulously combed parallel and straight and maintained in order through- out spinning just as it was done in 12th century Worsted, England.  The result is a medium wide smooth yarn perfect for knitting sweaters, hats and throws.

We at Angora Jane are excited to bring these quality materials into your life and hope to serve you for many years to come.  See the new Ashland Bay products on the “merchandise page” along with some specials you won’t want to miss.  




Tues  June 12th, 2012


Spent last Saturday doing spinning demonstrations at Little House On The Prairie’s “Prairie Days”.  Little House On The Prairie is a privately owned historical site that boasts as being the original homestead of Charles P. Engalls and his wife Caroline somewhere around 1869.

Now if all of this sounds familiar keep in mind that this is not the actual location of which the television series was based, nor did Laura Engalls Wilder grow up here.  However, it did have a unique twist as to how events can take place.

It seems that Charles was happily farming and preparing to raise a family while the local Indians were getting a little irate about all the white folk that were moving into what they considered their land.  As the story goes Soldat Du Chene, an Osage chief that had befriended Charles stopped a complete massacre of all the settlers just hours before it was planned to take place.

The result would have been no Charles, no Caroline, no Laura Wilder, No books, no TV Series and not even this museum.  Charles may have had a chance on a real “Highway To Heaven” and who knows what might have become of the Ponderosa.

The Government, wise as they are, deemed it a good idea to ask the settlers to relocate and the rest is now official history.

Lots of interesting demonstrations with antique corn shuckers, rope makers, sheep sheering and blacksmith work.  Kids had a good time with a best dress pioneer contest and exploring the replica buildings.

Stop and check out Little House On The Prairie Museum next time you’re  around Independence, Kansas.


May 20th 2012

     The Blue Dome Arts Festival really blew me away.  I don’t mean that literally but several vendors did experience a good ole Oklahoma gust that blasted their wares out into the street.

      Even shopping customers were compelled to grab for the tent structures and help hold them down and it was not uncommon to hear pottery crashing, glass breaking and jewelry scattering.  After a few minor adjustments and a lot more sandbags and concrete blocks the show did go on.

     With things under control I had the opportunity to witness a six inch piece of tie-dyed roving escape my tent on the wind and blow into the street causing quite a commotion.  The people that saw the colorful hairy “thing” scurry along the curb were not bashful about pushing other people out of their way so they could avoid whatever “it” was.  To make matters worse it suddenly became air born leaving people to wonder if it was a flying painted rat or some kind of exotic bird.

     With the crowds came a parade of canine of every breed, size and color.  I found it interesting that even city dogs who were originally bred as shepherds and herding dogs  would stop and carefully smell each fleece as if some ancient memory still existed in the back of their mind.  However, a wienie dog  wearing an orange tutu hardly paid any attention. 

     I also found it interesting that so many parents would scold their children for touching the silks, mohair and wool.   For fiber enthusiasts, we understand, as if an ancient urge  of our own to touch and feel and stroke the fiber.

     Apparently some parents have no idea their child might be a natural born spinner.  As one little girl stroked the hand spun yarn her mother commented that she had been doing that since she was a baby.  It never occurred to her to help the child pursue spinning, weaving or knitting.  What’s up with that?  How sad.

     My favorite tear jerk moment  was when a handsome, well dressed, young professional man seemed to be mesmerized  by my spinning.  He turned away once but then came back.  It turned out that his mother had raised angora goats and spun but in her later years arthritis  forced her to quit.  Since she was still able to knit he bought her some  hand spun mohair yarn to remind her of better times.  I couldn’t resist throwing an ounce of  roving in his bag.  If nothing else, just to feel.

     We were fortunate to have the “Caney River Boys” stop by to peddle some of their unique and interesting glass wares,  while  picking a little bluegrass for the crowd.  We had a visit from a blue and green man wearing sunglasses, a flutest with a fox tail, a stilt-walker and numerous belly dancers, both professional and those who, simply, had too much beer.   All in all it was a very enjoyable experience and opportunity to meet some really cool people.  Can’t hardly wait for next year. 



Sunday, Sept 9th, 2012

As promised…… More info on the Michelle White workshop.

Did we not tell you this woman is good??? Michelle firmly believes that if you can imagine it, you can create it and she's willing to share her knowledge.

“If you can imagine it, you can create it” is Michelle Whites felting philosophy.

Join her for a creative session of sculpturing with wool.  You will learn how to make a sculptured doll head and hand-outs will be provided with simple instructions to complete the project at your own pace.

Each participant will receive a personal felting kit to continue practicing at home.  All basic fibers will be provided but additional goodies will be for sale by several vendors.

Michelle said she discovered her love of fiber thanks to a vendor at an SCA event.  From there she became an avid wheel and loom collector.  She has taught beginning spinning, fiber prep and felting along with a number of other crafts.

Michelle and her husband are new homeowners in Bristow, Ok. where she says she plans to live out her days with a growing farm of critters and grandkids.

I met Michelle at Fiber Christmas In July and was excited to have such a talented new arrival to our area.  We had an interesting conversation and it doesn’t take long to realize she really knows her stuff.  This is a class you won’t want to miss.

The Michelle White Workshop will be held Sat. Oct 13th, 2012 in Sedan Kansas on Main Street, next to “Art Shares.”  Class will break for lunch and there are several restaurants in the area.  If you are able to make a weekend of it the “Stagecoach Ranch”  has invited us to stay with them for  “The Caney River Boys”  Friday night to serenade us under the stars followed up by the Elgin Jamboree on Sat. evening as their guest.  (Donations Appreciated) 

If you are interested please contact me in advance due to limited, available space at the ranch.

Diamond State Fiber Festival

Sebastian county fairgrounds, Greenwood Arkansas

     Anyone that knows Greenwood, Arkansas in Sebastian County will tell you that Greenwood is all about  High School Football and the Bulldogs.  They will also argue that the Sebastian County Fair grounds in Greenwood is all about the ACRA Rodeo and the “Extreme Canine Stunt Dog Show”.  That was until Diamond B Sheep Farms came along and decided it would be a great place to have a fiber festival.

Angora Jane sits in on a sheep show during a recent visit to the Sebastian County Fairgrounds in Greewnville, Arkansas

Greenwood, Arkansas has had it’s share of misfortune since it was founded in 1851.  Originally intended to be the Sebastian County Seat it’s title was stripped and handed to Fort Smith and not recognized as a County Seat  again until 1865. Around that time they were plagued with the unrest of the Civil War and some of the biggest battles on record. Coal was discovered in the 1870’s brightening the future economy but took the lives of many of their citizens. in 1929 they built their first High School that promptly burned to the ground the same year and the town was almost entirely destroyed by a tornado in 1968.

Diamond B Sheep Farms established the Diamond State Fiber Festival in 2013.  They got off to a good start and gained momentum in the next year.  The third annual Diamond State Fiber Festival is now scheduled for Oct. 2nd and 3rd at the Sebastian County Fair Grounds, and as they say “the third time is the charm”.  Admission is surprisingly free, Some fantastic classes are scheduled and vendors are registering  and ready to make this the best year yet.

For more information on The Diamond State Fiber Festival visit





May 19th, 2012

This page has been added in response to requests to view past entries and pictures that appeared in “Jane’s world”

Please visit in the future to catch up on anything you might have missed.



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